401(K) and Qualified (ERISA) Plan Consulting

401(K) and Qualified (ERISA) Plan Consulting


With the continuing movement away from traditional pension plan system and the ongoing challenges confronting the social security system, company sponsored retirement plans have become a main mechanism through which many Americans accumulate wealth and save for retirement.

Coupled with recent regulatory mandates, ERISA, and Qualified Plans in general have taken on added importance as well as complexity, both for the individual plan participants and also for the companies who sponsor these plans.

The Pacific Group is keenly focused on the design, implementation, and maintenance of 401K and other ERISA* plans. We tailor each plan to meet the specific need of the company and its employees, with an emphasis on the following areas:

  • Assisting the company protect itself from potential liabilities
  • Designing a plan unique to each individual company
  • Ensuring fees and other expenses are customary and appropriate
  • Ensuring employees have access an experienced advisory team

*Employee Retirement income Security Act.