Personal Risk Management

Personal Risk Management


There are four primary risks confronting each of us and our families and dependents:

  • The risk that we are prematurely deceased, leaving loved ones to fend for themselves
  • The risk that we are disabled and rendered incapable of earning an income at one or more times during our working lives
  • The risk that we need someone else to care for us in our old age
  • The risk that we outlive the assets we have accumulated during our working years

To add additional complication to these risks, not each risk has equal weighting at every point in time: The risk of being prematurely deceased and leaving destitute dependents declines over time as more assets are accumulated to fund this liability or as loved ones mature and become self-dependent. On the other hand, the risk of needing someone else to care for us in our old age increases over time as we get older.

The Pacific Group works with each individual in every phase of their lives to quantify each risk and recommend specific strategies to address and mitigate each one.

Products include:

  • Life Insurance – Including Term, Whole, Universal & Variable Universal Life Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance – Individual, Key-Person, Overhead, Travel, Kidnap and War Zone Insurance
  • Long-Term Care – Including Standard and State “Partnership” Insurance
  • Fixed and Variable Annuities