Wealth Management

Wealth Management


Our financial lives basically have two phases. The first phase involves working hard and taking calculated risks in the pursuit of generating certain rewards for our efforts. This is the wealth accumulation phase. In this phase, it is our goal to ensure that the rewards we accumulate are maximized efficiently through proper management of two variables: rate of return and taxes.

The next step comes shortly after the first, when we cease working with the intent to benefit from the rewards we have accumulated during the first phase. This is the distribution phase. Most important in this phase is the preservation of capital and generation of appropriate income.

Whether a client is in the accumulation or distribution phase of their lives, the highly skilled and experienced Financial Professionals of The Pacific Group work with each client as they strive to accumulate their assets in a manner consistent with each client’s age, family structure, goals and tolerance for risk.

From conservative, principal-protected portfolios to leveraged derivative structures that strive to maximize return potential, we help clients navigate the complexities of the investing world.

We are big advocates of constant communication to ensure that as needs change and evolve, we are able to tailor each portfolio to fit each client’s current situation.